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From membership growth, to anti-fraud efforts, to ICD 10, to CMS reporting, new requirements continue to challenge and impact the performance and profitability of health plans and state Medicaid agencies.

Like all health plans, you most likely find yourself weighed down and consumed by healthcare reform and all the requirements that distract from your focus on delivering quality healthcare to your members. Requirements like HIPAA 5010, MLR/ALR, unfunded mandates, and new reporting demands divert focus from healthcare to administration. Everyone is striving to find a solution that allows their experts to focus on what they do best – delivering quality healthcare.

CGS gives you an edge with a full suite of flexible administrative services that lighten your load and give you the freedom to focus on your core healthcare capabilities and health plan members. CGS will help you Achieve More in quality healthcare delivery by alleviating administrative burdens. As experts in implementing efficient healthcare operations and eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse, we can help measurably improve your operational performance and reduce costs, ultimately allowing you to improve healthcare outcomes.

Give us a call and let us design a solution specifically tailored to your health plan, your providers, and your members.

CGS will help you Achieve More.

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